Requesting a New Address

To receive a new physical address for your property and/or structure, please complete the steps below, as applicable to your situation. When requesting an address, you agree to allow access to private property by employees of Boundary County for gathering GPS coordinates which allow for accurate mapping of the access point and related structure. Address numbers are assigned based on the Access Point, or where a driveway intersects a Named Road.

Step 1)

  1. IF the access is within the City Limits of Bonners Ferry: Please contact the City and they will assign your new address.
  2. IF the access is within the City Limits of Moyie Springs: First, obtain a Site Permit from the City of Moyie Springs. Then contact Boundary County GIS to check for an existing address and arrange for a site visit if necessary.
  3. IF the access is within Boundary County and not within the City Limits of Bonners Ferry or Moyie Springs, continue to Step 2.

Step 2)

Please contact Boundary County Planning and Zoning to initiate a Residential Placement Permit. They will guide you through the process, and an address will be mailed to you along with the placement permit.

Other important details:

  • IF your access (driveway) enters directly onto a County Road, an Access/Approach Permit will need to be issued by Boundary County Road & Bridge.
  • IF your access (driveway) enters directly onto a State Highway, an Approach Permit will need to be issued by the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD).
  • IF a site visit is required (to obtain GPS points or inspect a new approach location), we will ask that you flag your access point by placing a stake (marked centerline or driveway) in the center of the access near it’s junction with the closest named road. One Primary Access Point must be designated for structures served by multiple driveways.

Private Road names and signage: If a road/driveway accesses three or more properties and has not previously been assigned a Road Name, a Request for a New Private Road Name must be completed per the Boundary County Uniform Address and Street Naming Ordinance.

Those of you on private roads which have approved names may now contact Boundary County Road & Bridge to order the sign. The signs will be a blue background with white lettering. The total cost to you will include the sign, the bracket and the post. Once the sign is ordered and received, the Road and Bridge Department will install the sign at no charge to the public as their schedule allows. Printable Sign Application.

Contact information:
Boundary County Planning and Zoning: (208) 267-7212

Boundary County GIS: (208) 267-3301

Boundary County Road & Bridge: (208) 267-3838
City of Bonners Ferry: (208) 267-3105
City of Moyie Springs: (208) 267-5161
Idaho Transportation Department (ITD): Stephanie Hale (208) 772-1297

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